The most beautiful emotion for an artist is to ascertain that he is able to kindle something in the spectator (indeed, this is the basic condition in order that he can    
aspire to be considered an artist). And the measure of this involving comes only from an explicit reaction of the spectator, reaction that gives not only a sense to the work itself, but constitutes, in all respects, an essential part of it. It is also the proof that really the work has been transferred to the plane of real life.

Therefore, this webpage is essential for me, and constitutes a part of my works, as comments and emotional participation of people that saw my works (and infused life into them): I remember my works more for warmth and participation received from people than for their substance, and, indeed, I think more and more frequently that my works are only instrumental in this purpose.  

Then I hope that my works can be an inspiration to spectators, namely they have the force to give birth to other ones, so to transform people into artists (we need artists and lots of us need to become an artist).   

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To get closer to you, I created a Blog. 

I hope that more than one occasion will arise to have a phone call or to meet you. 

2007 By Andrea Paolini