My name is Andrea Paolini.

I devoted many years of my life to scientific studies, afterwards I let myself be completely engrossed by writing (my first writingsgave origin to a little book: Gli ideali uccidono, ma vivo per loro, Ibiskos Editrice, 1999).

I'm concerned with art for some years.

I'm interested in photography, too. In addition to many photographic works, in support of a series of photographies I wrote a short treatise that digs into theoretical and philosophical aspects of photography.

As regards the artistic curriculum that each artist is requested to parade, thanks to my cycle "Works to surprise" I surely can boast of an amazing curriculum (because I carefully constructed it). I cite from it some of the results that I attained:

       -    The artist with the most rated first work in the History of Art

       -    The first man in the history to have generated the perpetual motion

       -    The first man in the history to have multiplied money

       -    The greatest falsifier in the History of Art: the first to equal the original and able even
             to create fakes that are worth more than originals

       -    The artist that realized the most hardly falsifiable work

       -    The artist that created a work with an inestimable value

       -    The first beginner to have exhibited at the Louvre

       -    The first man to have squaring the circle

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